Differential GPS for MPC-based Path Following

We have been working to open up the control and sensing interfaces of the Hyundai Genesis G380 to use as a platform for research. Over the past few months, we have developed a ROS framework that allows one to:

  • Record a trajectory with differential GPS (dGPS) as a reference for tracking.

  • Simulate and visualize the vehicle dynamics to evaluate tracking performance with different controllers.

  • Deploy the controller and interface with the real vehicle using dGPS for state estimation.

This code can be found here

Using this framework, we have done testing at low and medium speeds for the following demos. Note that these videos use a kinematic model with a control frequency of 20 Hz, although we have investigated and evaluated linearized dynamic models with a control frequency of 50 Hz on the Genesis as well.

(1) Right Turn at Richmond Field Station (0 - 25 mph)

(2) Path Tracking at Medium Speeds (25 - 35 mph) on the Winding Track at the Hyundai-Kia California Proving Ground

We are currently expanding the processing suite on the car by incorporating LIDAR and vision for motion planning and collision avoidance.

Contact: Vijay Govindarajan (govvijay@berkeley.edu)

Collaborators: Xiaojing (George) Zhang and Nitin Kapania

Perpendicular Autonomous Parking with Lidar Detection

Perpendicular Autonomous Parking with Lidar Detection

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